Run What You Brung! Intelligence Officials On The Take? Happy TPT! #116

Jan 25 2024

Biden wasn’t good enough to overcome the truth: His son’s laptop was, in fact, authentic. Instead, he enlisted the aid of 51 intelligence officials to lie for him. The questions linger, leaving us to ponder the motives behind this unprecedented move. Why would these 51 intelligence officials risk their name to vouch for a liar? With the DOJ admitting 4 years after the fact the laptop is authentic, it's four year too late.   In unexpected courtroom drama that could rival any blockbuster, revelations unfold as the computer system in Georgia is hacked in person! The irony of the "most secure election ever" mantra takes center stage as the machine’s vulnerabilities are put on display. Get ready, hold on and let’s talk about it on this Throat Punch Thursday!   Do you want us to mention a specific topic? Leave a comment or find us on Facebook or Instagram and send us a DM.   This podcast was produced and edited by the Dirt Sailor duo. Mark and Shannon are a father/daughter team who both served in the United States Navy. This production is protected by US Copyright. All items are discussed as commentary/opinion.