Fani Willis Is Busted And Tulsi May Be The Next VP Select. Happy TPT! #115

Jan 18 2024

Fani Willis, the master of legal matchmaking, decided to spice things up by hiring her lover and throwing more cash at him than the seasoned RICO expert! And guess what? This Casanova had a VIP date with the White House to chat about Trump's legal saga. Move over, legal drama, we've got a love story brewing!   Rumor has it that after Trump's Iowa triumph, he's eyeing none other than Tulsi Gabbard as his VP pick! Trump and Tulsi? Sounds like a political rollercoaster. Buckle up, folks!   Breaking news from the land of secure elections: 2020's Fort Knox of voting apparently had a little mix-up! Trump got some bonus votes, while Biden's count took a snooze. A 4000-vote swing – who knew democracy could be so swingin'? Get ready, hold on and let’s talk about it on this Throat Punch Thursday!   Do you want us to mention a specific topic? Leave a comment or find us on Facebook or Instagram and send us a DM.   This podcast was produced and edited by the Dirt Sailor duo. Mark and Shannon are a father/daughter team who both served in the United States Navy. This production is protected by US Copyright. All items are discussed as commentary/opinion.