Bidenomics. It’s Like Reaganomics, But For People Who Want Higher Prices. Happy TPT! #117

Feb 1 2024

Back it on up like a dump truck. We want our money back! Why do we allow the pentagon to funny math their way into giving Ukraine more money? The government has a great ability to waste our money and demand more of our resources. We see it locally, at the state and the federal levels. We need to demand better!   UNRWA had employees actively assisting Hamas during October 7th, and the UN response is somewhat alarming. While they have fired individuals who have been said to have participated in the events, they believe that the actions of a few shouldn’t mean that money still doesn’t pour into their cause. Get ready, hold on and let’s talk about it on this Throat Punch Thursday!   Do you want us to mention a specific topic? Leave a comment or find us on Facebook or Instagram and send us a DM.   This podcast was produced and edited by the Dirt Sailor duo. Mark and Shannon are a father/daughter team who both served in the United States Navy. This production is protected by US Copyright. All items are discussed as commentary/opinion.