Biden’s Bucks, Disney’s Plunge: Unveiling Scandals and Dramatic Falls! Happy TPT! #109

Dec 7 2023

This week, embark with us on a riveting journey through the labyrinth of uncovering evidence in the alleged dealings of the Biden Crime Family. Brace yourself for the revelation of a staggering $400k in payments and beyond, coupled with the emergence of national archive emails from clandestine Biden accounts. The burning question remains: Can there ever be 'enough proof' to unravel the intricacies of this political saga?   Meanwhile, the enchanting world of Disney has become an unexpected casualty of the Woke to Broke pipeline, witnessing a hemorrhage of billions with no end in sight. Clutch your Mickey Ears tight as we delve into the financial unraveling of the once-happiest company on earth, exploring the intricate threads that led to this monumental downturn.   Down in Louisiana, the voting landscape is shrouded in mystery, with un-recountable votes and a razor-thin margin of a single vote for a parish. A mere 17% of the votes are subject to review, leaving a staggering 83% without oversight. Join us as we navigate the murky waters of machine issues and their impact on the democratic process, connecting the dots between technological glitches and the outcomes that shape our political landscape. Join the conversation! Get ready, hold on and let’s talk about it on this Throat Punch Thursday!   Do you want us to mention a specific topic? Leave a comment or find us on Facebook or Instagram and send us a DM.   This podcast was produced and edited by the Dirt Sailor duo. Mark and Shannon are a father/daughter team who both served in the United States Navy. This production is protected by US Copyright. All items are discussed as commentary/opinion.