A Shadow Campaign To End The Second Amendment. Happy TPT! #113

Jan 4 2024

In the fascinating realm of civic anomalies, a peculiar revelation has emerged – a claim that residents of the District of Columbia possess the unique ability to double vote! Shockingly, an elected official, entrusted with the solemn duty of upholding the principles of democracy, has allegedly exploited this quirk in the system. As the curious narrative unfolds, it sparks a whirlwind of questions about the safeguards and checks in place within our democratic machinery.   In the ever-evolving landscape of socio-economic policies, the recent hike in minimum wage for fast food workers has triggered unforeseen consequences. Pizza Hut, in response to the increased labor costs, made the difficult decision to lay off 1200 delivery drivers.   Meanwhile, in the realm of political maneuvering, California Democrats are embarking on a controversial journey to redefine the boundaries of the Second Amendment. Everyday activities that were once routine for CCW holders may now carry legal repercussions, such as entering shared parking lots. Join the conversation! Get ready, hold on and let’s talk about it on this Throat Punch Thursday!   Do you want us to mention a specific topic? Leave a comment or find us on Facebook or Instagram and send us a DM.   This podcast was produced and edited by the Dirt Sailor duo. Mark and Shannon are a father/daughter team who both served in the United States Navy. This production is protected by US Copyright. All items are discussed as commentary/opinion.